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ACA compliance is required for employers who have 50 or more full time (or full time equivalent) employees. Our ACA feature will help you monitor your compliance and make 1095 reporting at the end of the year easy and simple.

This service isn’t a stand-alone service and must be added to another APS service. Find out more about our total workforce management package, as well as our individual service modules, here.

Benefits you’ll receive when you choose APS for ACA tracking and reporting:

Measurement Period Analysis

Save time and energy by allowing Elements to track full-time/part-time status for benefit coverage eligibility for employees automatically with the combination of our Payroll and TLM modules.

HR Module Integration

Add benefit administration through the HR module for increased integration to analyze the benefits your employees were offered and what they chose. This component allows Elements to automatically determine what codes should be populated on lines 14 and 16 of the employee’s 1095-C form.

Dependent Tracking

Are you self-insured? Allow your employees to add covered dependents through open enrollment and Elements will automatically populate that information in Part III of the 1095. Customizable settings can make fields like birth date or social security number mandatory based on the plan the employee chooses.

1094 Transmittal  and 1095 Forms

After determining all of the codes and data that each employee should have on their 1095-C, Elements will electronically populate each form. Electronic copies can be made available via Employee Self Service or can be distributed on pressure-sealed paper with W-2s. Once you’ve approved 1095s, APS takes care of the rest. We’ll do all of the required 1094 reporting for you.

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