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Recruiting new talent for your company is an important process; it’s what keeps your company going. Streamline your talent acquisition process with the Recruitment feature in Elements. You will be covered from the initial job posting process, all the way to the moment you hire your new employees. Adding onboarding through the HR module will further automate the process by automatically transferring the data that has already been entered in the system through the recruitment process.

The Recruitment feature isn’t a stand-alone service and must be added to another APS service. We highly recommend you consider pairing it with our HR service. To find out more about our total workforce management package, as well as our individual service modules, click here.

Benefits of using Elements’ Recruitment module to acquire new talent:

Job Requisition Workflows

Give your managers access to create job position requests and pass them along to administration for approval. Once the requisition is approved, it can be directly posted as a job opening for applicants to view and apply.

Custom Applicant Process

Not all companies have the same applicant process. Customize the steps you want your applicants to complete, including custom questionnaires that let you gather the data you need to hire the right employees.

Communication Templates

Save time and energy in communicating with applicants. Create template emails in Elements for each step in the process and have them sent automatically when an applicant sends their application, and when decisions are made regarding the hiring process.

Applicant Portal

Each applicant creates a secure account which allows them to save their resumes and job experience information. If the candidate wishes to apply for a job again in the future, this information will automatically be populated in job requisitions they wish to apply for.

Applicant Rating and Review

Keep track of applicants along with reviews, notes and supporting documentation. Easily view this information across all of the job requisitions they have applied for.

Hiring Process Workflow

Once the hiring manager picks a candidate they want to hire, you can setup a workflow process where they submit their applicant hire request, which can require approval from the appropriate administration, along with any additional hiring steps you wish to include.

Onboarding Integration

Once you have decided to hire the candidate for the position, the applicants portal account and their information can easily be transitioned to an employee account with the click of a button, which will setup your new employee for the onboarding process in a flash.

Are you ready to find out how Elements can help you easily manage your workforce?