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Staci was thrilled after her transition from our legacy platform to Elements and had this to say:

I have never been through a transition that was so smooth and effortless. I hold APS to high standards because I know what they are capable of and they surpassed my expectations by far. 

Tina, a Controller who manages employees across several states and multiple Federal ID’s said:

The customer service was above and beyond, I have never experienced anything like it. It’s the opposite of ADP!

I am so impressed that APS could automate driver’s shift differentials in a way that the managers would only see the city the driver traveled to but not the additional pay that automatically calculated in payroll.

Payroll used to take 4 to 6 hours over several days but now that timekeeping and shift diffs are automated it only takes me about 20 to 30 minutes!

One of our newest clients said this about APS:

I can’t express how helpful everyone has been! My only regret is our time without APS!

The payroll process is well organized and easy to use, making my life much easier! It only takes a few minutes.

Thanks again for all your help and we have zero complaints!

Mark shared this with us regarding our level of customer service:

“I know your crew will always take care of us. I just wanted you to know I appreciate the accuracy of your work.”

One of our clients in the manufacturing industry shared this with APS regarding our customer service:

“I just wanted to tell everyone Thank you for going above and beyond to straighten out the mess that we made this week.

“It is greatly appreciated and it is why APS stands above businesses like Paycom and ADP”

“Customer Service at its finest”

Mary has been a client with APS for over 20 years and sent us this note after our 25th Anniversary Celebration:

“I am so proud of all of you and all of the successes you have accomplished and for all of the future potential APS stands for. What an honor to be able to say that APS is MY Payroll Department! But even more of an honor to have so many friends at APS as well. Thank you all for being such a wonderful asset to [her company name] and to the entire Lafayette/West Lafayette Community!”

After migrating from our legacy payroll platform to Elements, Cari, who is responsible for paying 120+ employees weekly and semi-monthly (some of whom are union workers) is now using TLM, Payroll and HR and had this to share:

“Everything is going good, we love the new payroll/HR/Attendance upgrade. Your APS team has gone to great lengths to help us through all of our issues.”

After her implementation onto our Total Workforce Management platform and first payroll with APS, Hillary B had this to say:

“I am happy to say we just submitted our first payroll with APS. I want you to know how pleased I am with the patience, support and professionalism exemplified by the APS implementation team.

At times, it’s stressful to be an “HR Department of One”… and ultimately absorbing full responsibility of ensuring our staff receive their wages, correct and on time, every time.

After two years at this job, I finally feel like we have a true partnership with our payroll provider. So in conclusion, I cannot express enough gratitude to you and your team.”

Beth sent us this note after a year on Elements around the time of our 25th Anniversary Celebration:

“Hard to believe its been about a year since we spoke. You may or not remember, but it was me in a panic, and you very calm and confident in what your team could do to get us up and running quickly! You were right, and for that I appreciate all you guys have done for [company name] in our one out of your 25 years!”

Mendi M has been using APS for over nine years and says:

“A HUGE shout out to Automated Payroll Service today! This boss made a big boo boo and thanks to their leg work everything is handled! If you’re not outsourcing to Automated Payroll you should be! Guess work is done and things are made easy. Best service around”

Tammy F a client with APS for over twelve years says:

“Had a Indiana Workforce Development Audit yesterday…it went extremely well and they complimented the service I used for payroll! So, thank you!!!”

Bonnie M, who works in the health care industry says:

“I’m so thankful to get to work with all of you! You make this a smooth process. And you’re all so darn helpful!”

Cindy D, who works in the banking industry says she:

…doesn’t miss [her previous provider] at all or waiting on hold for extended periods of time. She is amazed by the response time from the team and even more thrilled that the people answering the phones can actually answer her questions within the same call. She said our employees have been a tremendous help to her and have never left her feeling lost. She is not accustomed to such a proactive payroll partner that is reaching out to her and her team with assistance and training to make the process easier for them She mentioned she feels like she has abused our implementations team from all of the questions she has needed answered, but appreciates their patience and professionalism as she learns the system. She also mentioned that it seems like every member of our staff has a very calm and confident demeanor that leaves her team feeling comfortable after every conversation. She said that when you’re dealing with employees’ pay it can be quite stressful, but our team always remains collected and quickly resolves their issue.

After her employees went through their first open enrollment in Elements, they were raving about how awesome and easy it was. She let us know that they had clearly made the right decision by switching to APS.

Rhonda also works in the banking industry and told us this  about her experience with APS and her previous provider:

Things are going very well and she doesn’t miss [previous provider] at all. Our (APS’) system is so much easier to use. She can get to reports and does not have to use a lot of Excel sheets any longer to track information. She no longer has to wait an hour on the phone to get someone to answer her call and then train them before they answer her question. She’s looking forward to using the system even more in the future.

Another happy customer, Charlie H  said:

“I wish that I could provide you the same great service that APS provides me. It doesn’t matter what I call in for, they always answer my question and treat me like I’m the only one in the world that needs taken care of.”

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