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Facts and Figures

2019 Facts & Figures FICA Taxes Tax Type Social Security – Wage limit of $132,900 Medicare – No Wage limit Medicare – Wages in excess of $200,000 Employer Tax 6.20% 1.45% 0% Employee Tax 6.20% 1.45% 0.9% Mileage Rates Cents/mile Cents/mile Business 58 Moving 20 Medical 20 Charitable 14 Pension Plans Plan Type Contribution Limits […]

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Six Employee Training Tips for Strengthening Your Team

The better trained your employees are, the stronger an asset they become. However, employees are not brought into the fold with a pre-existing knowledge of the ins and outs of your business. The only way that can happen is by implementing an employee training program at your business. Continuous training creates the most productive employees. […]

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Five Tips for Handling Conflicts at Work

Conflict is a natural aspect of human interaction. Sooner or later, we all bump heads with someone in the workplace. Since productivity and employee morale are on the line when conflict becomes an issue in the workplace, it is imperative that leaders and managers quickly resolve the issue. This is where having a conflict resolution […]

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Seven Steps to Do BEFORE an Employee No Longer Works for You

Whether an employee leaves your company amicably on their own terms or after being fired, there are a number of steps a business should take to ensure their security and, in the end, their prosperity. The departure of an employee is far more critical a moment than when they first join your team, because a […]

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20 Ways to Motivate Employees Without Money

As many businesses face economic challenges, more and more employers are looking for unique ways to keep their staff motivated without spending a ton of money. If you are in the same position, then you might find this e-tip of particular interest. Unfortunately, many novice managers feel that the more money you pay someone, the […]

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