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These services can be added to Elements to meet your business’s HR and HCM needs.

If you have questions about our additional human resource management services, please contact us.

APS offers the following additional services to make your life even easier:

Affordable Care Act (ACA) Compliance Monitoring

The ACA module supports proactive management of your ACA compliance strategy across your workforce. It provides the tools you need to effectively manage healthcare benefit compliance for both regular and variable-hour employees, automate enrollment once they reach the eligibility threshold, and access both real-time and historical detail on ACA status for individuals and the entire organization.


Federal and State Labor Law Poster Compliance

Every employer with more than one employee has to conspicuously display labor law posters and keeping up with changing regulations manually can be difficult. APS offers two, automatically updated solutions, Poster Replacement and E-Update. Upon activation of either of these options, you will receive a laminated federal and state poster pack delivered to your location. With the E-Update solution, when a change occurs in labor regulations, you will receive a downloadable PDF file to print and display alongside your current poster. With the Poster Replacement solution, you will receive a brand new poster to replace the one you have any time regulations change. With either option you will receive a new poster annually even if no changes have occurred.

Employee Benefits Carrier Connectivity

Are your employees filling out paper enrollment forms that you have to enter manually into your payroll system? Are your employees going through enrollment online but you still have to manually transfer the data? Check out Carrier Connectivity: this application is a service that automates benefit enrollment data exchange. Benefits, deductions, and other changes to payroll data are made automatically between Elements and your benefits carriers.

Employee Background Screening

Gain access to the foremost providers of employee background screening services that provide highly accurate, thorough background screening to deliver the workplace security you need.

Integrated Document Storage

Integrated document storage provides centralized storage and/or distribution of data pertinent to employee or HR-related information within the company, allowing critical documents to be stored and accessed by employees within the system.


Payscale is a leading provider of employee compensation data and reports. By utilizing one of the largest databases of individual compensation profiles in the world, PayScale enables you to recruit, retain, and motivate your talent with competitive pay.

Recruitment Module

The recruitment module streamlines processes throughout each hiring stage, creating customizable workflows between applicants and the hiring manager to provide a comprehensive experience for companies and their job candidates. To learn more about the recruitment module, click here.


RSA two-factor authentication helps reduce security risk by requiring users to input a unique password and RSA token code before being granted access to the software.

Workforce Management Dashboard

The workforce management dashboard offers a suite of intuitive, visual reports and useful tools designed for senior and executive team members.

Are you ready to save time, ensure your business is compliant, and improve your workforce?