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Spend less time on paperwork and more time focusing on your employees and business growth by automating HR/HCM processes.

If you are like most human resource managers or business owners, your schedule is busy and there is no time to get bogged down by manual, time-consuming processes.

Our cloud-based human capital management software allows you to automate processes and offers self-service workflows for employees. You can spend less time focusing on detailed paperwork and more time focusing on what matters: your employees’ development and company growth.

Save time and enhance your employees’ user-experience with these HR solutions:

Applicant Tracking

With our HCM software, your managers can perform online applicant searches and track candidates throughout the hiring process, as well as conduct background screenings. Candidates can also directly apply for positions online, helping you easily store and organize information.

On & Off Boarding

Right now, it may be taking you hours to onboard or offboard a single employee. However, with Elements’ onboarding checklist, you can electronically submit W-4 and I-9 forms, conduct open enrollment with employee self-service, and manage automated payroll deductions.

Benefit Administration

Managing employee benefits is time consuming; however, you can save time with online enrollment. Our solutions give your employees self-service access to benefit enrollment, with defined eligibility limits, access to open enrollment and life-change event options. We also offer carrier connectivity options which streamline the reporting to your benefit provider. To find out more, click here.

Performance Reviews

By using Elements for performance reviews, your managers can review employees and leave feedback directly in Elements. Employees can access their performance reviews and evaluations electronically. This automated process allows you to review development and helps employees make improvements.

COBRA Administration

Elements can help you monitor for COBRA eligibility and qualifying events.  Collection and remittance of premiums, along with tracking beneficiaries is made easy with our software. These efficiencies help large employers stay compliant with federal regulations.

Incident Tracking

Incidents at work are hard enough as is. Do not let the tracking and reporting process make it more difficult. Our solutions allow you to easily keep track of cases, along with workflow capability, and supporting document storage.

Compensation Management

The HR module of this platform will offer you comprehensive job/position history, pay changes, and compensation analysis reports.

Asset Tracking

Whether it is a company vehicle, computer, key, phone, or any other property you entrust your employees with, our HR module allows you to manage your resources efficiently and comprehensively.

Workers Claims

Accidents at work do happen, and with that, comes a lot of paperwork and reporting. Our HR module will allow you to setup workflows where claims can be reported by your employees, then you can manage all of your case data in one easy to access place.

Are you ready to save time by automating human capital management?