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Wish there was a system that could make payroll faster, easier, and more accurate?

Whether you have one employee or thousands, you know that payroll and reporting can be stressful, frustrating, and time consuming. However, with our payroll solution, you can simplify the entire payroll entering and reporting process, giving you more time to build your business, increase profits, and concentrate on employee needs and engagement.

Our payroll and reporting software can help you with:

Real-Time Payroll Processing

With calculations as you go, and easy recalculation of payroll edits/corrections, you’ll find payroll entry simple, efficient, and accurate for your unique business setup.

Tax Compliance

Tax filing can be stressful for HR managers, C-level executives, and small business owners. However, when you choose to work with us to file your taxes, you are relieved from all tax depositing and filing responsibilities. We will make all required tax deposits when due and file all monthly quarterly, and annual tax returns on your behalf.

Tax Jurisdiction Auto Assignment

With our online payroll and reporting software, you can utilize geospatial tax identification—a tool that gathers information from local taxing authorities and uses the geographic coordinates of an employee’s residence and work address to determine the local taxes that apply for that employee.

Employee Self-Service

Our software offers self-service workflows for employees, managers, and payroll administrators to handle many of their own payroll-related tasks, such as updating and managing emergency contacts, direct deposit accounts and tax information.

New Hire Reporting

Reporting new hires to the state causing you a head-ache? No problem. We will take care of it for you! Elements will handle all your new hire reporting needs automatically across the country.

Garnishment Processing

Managing garnishment withholding calculations and tracking payments can be difficult. Our solutions will ensure you stay compliant, automatically track disbursements, balances and we will make the payments for you.

Job Costing

Tracking of your labor and job costing is important for your accounting processes, and our solutions can help you do that effortlessly.

Payroll Alerts

There are a lot of parts to payroll that can cause a lot of problems if overlooked. Our solutions provide payroll alert options to warn you proactively before you process payroll so you don’t miss a thing.

Net to Gross Calculations

Want to pay your employees a net bonus of a specific amount? Do you want to show your appreciation and creativity by putting a $100 bill in everyone’s Christmas card but aren’t sure how much to add in payroll to cover taxes? Our net to gross pay statements handle all of the tax calculations for you automatically.


Whether it is general ledger entries, 401k provider payments, HSA account disbursements, or Point of Sale systems, our solutions integrate with your payroll and accounting needs.

Are you ready for a faster, more accurate payroll and reporting system?