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Looking for a way to get the most out of your employees?

To thrive as a business, you need to get the most from every resource, including your employees. After all, your workforce is your most valuable—and often most expensive—asset. Our employee labor and management software is designed to help you increase efficiency by allowing you to easily track and access attendance, schedules, tasks, and points.

When you invest in our employee and labor management software, you can do:

Labor Management

With our timekeeping system, you can streamline time management processes to increase productivity and reduce labor costs. By being able to quickly access pertinent data, you can ensure that time is being well spent, as well as have the information you need to make informed decisions and changes.


Our scheduling module allows you to create both standard and personal schedules that can be added directly to the employee and changed without any hassle. Whether you’re making schedules on the fly or weeks in advance, your employees will have access to them from their timesheet, company calendar or mobile application.

Mobile Application

The mobile application can be downloaded from either Android or Apple app stores and offers employees the ability to track their time, request days off and view their pay statements. In an interface that is simple to navigate and easily accessible, managers will be able to approve timesheets and time off requests as well as view employee profiles.

Employee/Manager Approval

Timesheets can be submitted by employees or move straight to managers for approval. Other items like Time-Off requests, Leaves of Absence or Overtime requests can move through several managers or just one before final approval.


Accruals can be tracked whether they’re based on employee tenure or number of hours worked. Our accrual module allows for a wide range of complexity and can accommodate simple and dynamic Time-Off policies.

Points Tracking

If you track employee attendance or incidents by using points, then your processes can be easily transitioned to our points system. This will automatically track the number of points an employee has with reporting that will have crucial data for you at your fingertips.


With over 100 different notifications to choose from, you or your team can be notified by email regarding items from employee attendance and timesheet submissions to compensation changes and birthdays.

FMLA Tracking

Keep track of FMLA and other leave of absence cases that your employees request, and setup limits on hours that can be requested during the year based on your policies. Customize and automate the process so employees can send requests electronically, as well as populate hours to timesheets and expire them after a period of time you choose.

Data Collection and Time Clocks

Our time and labor management software automatically captures time and attendance information from a variety of devices, including hand shape or biometric recognition, remote or mobile access, proximity badges, webpage punch, keypad entry, and barcode swipe.

Are you ready to better manage employees’ time and increase efficiency?