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Maximize company time and labor with Elements powered by Kronos, the best workforce management software on the market.

To stay competitive and fuel company growth, you need to get the most from every available resource, including your employees. Your workforce is your most valuable—and likely your most expensive—asset. Unfortunately, using multiple systems and manual or semi-automated HR and HCM processes can stand in the way of workforce optimization.

Elements can help you solve this problem. Elements powered by Kronos, which has been voted the best workforce management software, is an integrated solution on a single database that provides real-time access to consistent, accurate workforce information to help you make informed decisions with real-time data to drive bottom-line results.

Our total workforce management system includes everything Elements has to offer.

While you can pick and choose which aspects of Elements—such as payroll and reporting, time and labor management, human capital management, and additional services—to use based on your business’s needs, you can also invest in our total workforce management suite. Our full suite includes payroll, HR, time and labor management, tax filing, and other components based on your needs.

With total workforce management, you can:

Control labor costs for bottom-line results.

Our timekeeping solution streamlines time management processes to help you increase efficiency and reduce labor costs. It automatically captures time and attendance information from a variety of devices and then lets you know who is doing what and why at all times so you can get the most from every labor dollar spent.

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Outsource and automate HR.

Our HR module is a comprehensive solution that addresses the complete employment life cycle—from recruitment to hire to retire. Our HR module includes applicant tracking, on & off boarding workflows, benefit administration, performance review management, COBRA administration, incident tracking, asset tracking, workers claims, and more!

Our HR module can both save you manual time on a weekly basis and give you fully integrated reports when you need them, helping you make informed decisions with a click of a button.

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Ensure payroll is accurate every time.

The payroll module puts you in complete control of your payroll. Continuous processing makes payroll available whenever you need it. Real-time calculations let you know exactly what your people are doing and how much you’re paying them to do it. A versatile pay rules engine makes it easy to determine pay for regular or overtime hours and supports any number of scenarios, such as shift differentials, order of importance, location, and more. And, for optimal convenience, pay statements are always just a click away.

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Have Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliance monitoring.

The ACA module supports proactive management of your ACA compliance strategy across your workforce. It provides the tools you need to effectively manage healthcare benefit compliance for both regular and variable-hour employees, automate enrollment once they reach the eligibility threshold, and access both real-time and historical detail on ACA status for individuals and the entire organization.

This service is not a stand-alone service and must be coupled with another APS service.

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Use dashboards, reports, and self-service tools to drive results and to have real-time data access.

Take the guesswork out of workforce management once and for all. Information-rich dashboards, reports, and decision support tools provide organization-wide visibility and insights. Intuitive navigation features let you find critical information with maximum speed and ease. Instant access to timesheets, schedules, payroll, employee records, and other data empowers you to take immediate action and drive results.

Extend functionality with pre-integrated, add-on solutions.

If you have other or more specific needs, don’t worry. Additional services can be incorporated through Marketplace, our cloud-based portal that allows you to add best-in-class solutions. If you already have systems or processes that are working well for your business, we can also integrate software from your current vendors into Elements.

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Are you ready to optimize your workforce?